Finished reports and outputs produced by Bothnian Green Logistic Corridor.

Twenty-nine partners across five countries have been working within different fields towards a single, joint goal: to connect northern Scandinavia with the markets in Europe. Our aim – to develop a strategy on how to develop the existing Bothnian Corridor into an efficient, reliable and green transport corridor. A lot of studies have been done – here you can find all of our reports, made within the different WPs

WP3 Reports


Remittance BGLC Action Plan (Appendix)BGLC Action Plan – Remittance


FinalBGLC – Final Action Plan (Inventory of actors, transport volumes and infrastructure in the BGLC-Corridor)

front OuluOulu The Logistic Centre of Northern Scandinavia

Oulu frontOulu – The Logistic Centre of Northern Scandinavia

report year 2014 kick off.pdfConference LNG and other innovations in Baltic Sea Transport

REPORT TITLEAccessibility of harbors, seaways and navigational areas



frontOptimized flows of Iron ore in the Baltic 





front quickerQuicker Meets, Heavier Loads and Faster Empties  – Effects on Transportation Capacity and Cycle Time


ulla juntti rapport Increasing Market Credibility through continuous vulnerability reduction

FRONT Green corridor measurement WP3-1Green Corridor environmental impact performance


Study of technical viability and market opportunities for innovative intermodal technologies for semitrailers-1Study of technical viability and market opportunities for innovative intermodal technologies for semitrailers


benchmarkingBenchmarking and development of Dry Ports


front optimized flows of iron ore in the baltic-1Optimized flows of iron ore in the Baltic

REPORT TITLEAccessibility of harbors, seaways and navigational areas


Report WP3Intermodal Port of Gdynia 


Report WP3Study of Ports Canada

WP3 consists of five different activities with five different goals:
1) Upgrade the Bothnian Corridor to a Green Corridor
2) Find out how port of Narvik should handle the increased ore shipments
3) Study semitrailer models and find one that we think will work in the Swedish weather
4) Learn how to make the railways more reliable and how to fix errors quicker than we do today
The outcomes of these activities will be carried over into the project’s other areas and form a base to the development of BGLS Future Strategy.


WP4 Reports

Action-Plan-for-the-development-of-the-BGLC_Page_01Action Plan for the development of the BGLC

BGLC_task4_Page_01BGLC_ task 4 5_6 Development and implementation_intermodal report_A2A

Business plan_Rail Norway-Russia_February 2014-1Business Plan Rail Norway to Russia

Port Border HaparandaBusiness Plan Rail Border Crossing

ReportWP4Study of the Northern Finland Railway Network

ReportWP4_Feeder_Transport_final-1Final: Cost Efficient Feeder Transport By rail 
SWOT_FINAL-1Final Swot Analysis 


Evaluation Of Reopening ThePori-Parkano-Haapamaki Railroad TrackEvaluation of the re-opening of the Pori-Parkano-Haapamaki Railroad Track


MANAGEMENTBaltic Logistic Conference – Management Summary


front_bottlenecksIdentifying Bottlenecks in General


front Identifying logistical Concepts 4.4Identifying Logistical Concepts
Microsoft Word - MANAGEMENT.docxBusiness Cluster for the promotion of the new logistical services


OPPORTUNITY WEST - SUMMARYOpportunity West Summary and The Full Report (in Swedish)

Microsoft Word - ReportWP4.docx

WP4 aims to take the studies made in the project into reality. By working in close cooperation with cargo owners and private industry, BGLC is aiming to change transport modes from road to rails and sea and from contacts to contracts. We want to show good examples and pilots of new market and business models, for example the BGLC A2A Corridor.


WP5 Reports

Strategic Nodes final frontFuture Strategic Freight Transport Nodes in the Bothnian Corridor and Appendix
Microsoft Word - BGLC_WP5_prestudy_report_final.docxMining industry in Finland and Sweden – New boost for Industrial future


Microsoft Word - BGLC - CS 5.2. Salmon.docCase Study Salmon
BGLC_Oulu_2013_ EngPort of Oulu Transport Route Development Needs


front liquidPori-Gdynia Liquid Cargo Flows

IntroductionPori-Gdynia Liquid Cargo Flows 



TEN-T-study_ front

front wider The Wider Economic Impact of Transport Investments


ReportProject National Conference, Poland

WP5 has been working to understand the impacts infrastructure has on regional and industrial development and growth. This will broaden the decision basis for infrastructure investments and will also help decision makers to form well-founded decisions.

WP6 Reports

BGLC_transport_corridor_management_structure-1-1Transport Corridor Management Structure


 summary report corridor managenment WP6-1 Management Structure for the Bothnian Green Logistic Corridor


front analysisAnalysis of logistics networking potentials between Scandinavia and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


  A2A – Atlantic to Adriatic – New Intermodal Shuttle Connection


WP6 works to develop a Bothnian Green Transport Strategy that includes a corridor management structure and a stakeholder’s network. The purpose is to facilitate the trans-national cooperation to obtain optimized, green and seamless transport corridors.


Think tanks


think tank 1-1Why is the Bothnian Corridor Important?

think tank 2-1Transport Corridors – connecting Europe 

front think tank 3-1 Developing The Bothnian Corridor and its extensions into green corridors


think tank 4-1The Future Strategy 

bglc_btj_think_tank_5_the_vision-1The Vision

Our five Think tanks were produced in co-operation with Baltic Transport Journal an international printed bimonthly magazine focused on transport in the Baltic Sea region (BSR) with its nine countries: Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.













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