First day of BGLC Final Conference


Mrs Ewa May Karlsson, Vice President of the Regional Board, Region Västerbotten, opened the BGLC’s Final Conference on the 6th of March by welcoming all participants to Umeå.

Ms Carina Aschan, Project Manager of BGLC, summarized the work and outcomes of the project – and the many lessons learnt.

”The greatest thing was to meet all of you and your ideas and co-operation”, Ms Aschan said.”

”The worst thing was of course the creation of a map – that we all could agree upon,” a statement that made the audience begin to laugh, since all partners had been involved in this, what you might describe, tricky question.

Jerker Sjögren, Closer, moderated the conference. He welcomed Mr Helmut Adelsberger, former DG Move, EU Commission, up on the stage.
Mr Adelsberger has been one of the persons behind the TEN-T Corridor structure and the mapping of it.

“So I know all about developing a map”, he said smiling. Mr Adelsberger then continued by telling us more about what is going on within the EU, regarding the future transport network, TEN-T. This is of course very interesting for all partners, since better transport solutions in all directions is our joint goal.

Helena Kyster Hansen, consultant at Tetraplan, then talked about the BTO and the Baltic Sea Strategy, the BTO 2030 Reccommendations and the priority area 7 – Transports and Logistics, lead by Sweden and Lithuania.

The new sulphur directive and how the market has reacted was also one of here subject areas.

”We will se higher freight rates for the Scandinavian industry and increased competition from the continent. Actions from all levels is needed”, she said.

Rikard Engström, The Swedish Transport Administration, presented the Green Corridor concept.

”We will see an increase in transports, in some areas more than in others, and we have to solve it in an environmentally-friendly way”, he said.

Fredrik Öjdemark, Production Manager Scandfibre, one of the biggest logistic companies in Sweden, told us how extremely important logistics are for the company.

“Without good logistics, the production stops”, he said. Another reason is that logistics is a big portion of the turnover. “Each cent that wee can save per tonnes is good for the shareholders – and for Sweden”, Mr Öjdemark continued.
“Our owners are depended on an efficient corridor from Northern Europe.”

Tuula Untinen, Manager Logistics Services, Outokumpu Stainless in Tornio told us more about the company – the biggest in its league in Europe.

“Stainless steel is an ideal material to create lasting and demanding solutions 100% recyble”.

Ms Untinen also described how they solved a critical situation when the logistic chain collapsed. “By co-operation with Green Cargo we were still able to send 85 000 tonnes during a couple of weeks.”

Rune Arnøy, Director, Port of Narvik, told us about the study trips to Canada and the useful information that they now are taking care of. Port of Canada shipped out about 18 million tonnes of iron ore outbound and approximately 600 000 tonnes of different types of goods inbound during last year. By 2020, this is evaluated to be tripled.

“The study trips to Canada ports gave us a push. New technology development in the ports, needs collaboration at all levels”, Mr Arnøy said.

Jerker Sjögren summarized the meeting by saying, ”we all have to think outside the map – and sometimes turn the map upside downs to see the opportunities”.

BGLC Final Conference will continue tomorrow, 7th of March.

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